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3 Messages from Dr. Robert Carter

With Creation Ministries International

A Special Thanks to Dr. Carter and CMI for sharing your message with us on
Big Questions Sunday!

Dinosaurs & Fossils: Amazing Evidence for Creation!

People of all ages are captivated by dinosaurs. Unfortunately, evolutionists use dinosaurs to indoctrinate the young and the old with an earth history that includes millions of years but has no room for the Bible. This presentation will show the power of a person’s starting assumptions (or “worldview”) when interpreting past events and will
define the different types of sciences used in investigating the world around us, with a thorough exploration of these enigmatic lizards. Let’s take dinosaurs to the Bible and see what God’s word has to say about them!

The Alternative: Creation's Competitive Edge

1 Peter 3:15 commands us to have answers and always be ready to defend the Christian faith. This presentation will supply people with vital information about fossils and the Flood. The Alternative: Creation’s Competitive Edge is a great first-time presentation
designed to train people in how to share the Christian faith using the creation account found in the book of Genesis.

The Historical Adam: theological conundrums and scientific implications

Adam is an incredibly important historical figure in the Bible, but if Adam is historical we should see evidence for him in the genetics of modern humans. Dr Carter outlines the theology of Adam and answers many questions about human races and human history. He also discusses the Table of Nations in Genesis 11 and compares it to what we see in
human genetics worldwide. The results of such analyses will surprise you!


Personal quote from Dr Carter: "To me, this is one the most interesting talks I have ever given. It weaves together many areas that I personally love to study, including genetics, archaeology, geography, and Genesis. There are biblical answers to our most difficult questions, but sometimes you have to really dig to find them."

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About Dr. Robert Carter

Rob is one of the world’s leading Christian researchers into the study of human genetics and how this relates to human biblical origins. The good news is that the Bible can really be trusted when it comes to such history and in particular its account of Creation as read in the book of Genesis.

Like so many, Rob was challenged by his college education that started to sap his faith. That was until he saw Creation magazine. Realizing that science and religion were not in conflict with one another, his faith grew. So much so, that his passion is now communicating this important truth to people everywhere.

Rob is a much loved and engaging speaker, so don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to hear one of the world’s leading creation scientists, and see why!

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