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Who God Says You Are

Mother Daughter Bible Study

Starting Tuesday, October 17th at 5:30pm
Meeting every Tuesday for 8 weeks
(excluding the week of Thanksgiving)

for girls & moms 7th grade and up

Cost is $15 per person

You are a miracle.

And that’s exactly what this study is about—your true identity. Who you really are. The culture will try to define you, your past may try to label you, the enemy will seek to deceive you, but no one has the authority to give you your name—your identity—except your Father. And He says that your uniqueness is an expression of His creative genius and is designed to reflect His glory.

Join us for 8 weeks of Bible Study where we get to study God's word and define who we are as mothers and as daughters who belong to Christ. You are welcome to do this study with your granddaughters or spiritual daughters as well. 

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