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knowing & applying God's Word

Trusting Jesus copy.jpg

"Trusting Jesus"
Ron Sloan
June 9, 2024

The Historical Adam- theological conundrums and scientific implications copy.jpg

"The Historical Adam: theological conundrums and scientific implications"
Dr. Robert Carter
May 19, 2024 6:00pm

Covenant-Level Relationship copy.jpg

"Covenant-Level Relationship"
Justin Howe
May 12, 2024

Responsible Faith 3 copy.jpg

"Responsible Faith"
Ken Sims
April 21, 2024

Escaping Sodom copy.jpg

"Escaping Sodom"
Justin Howe
June 2, 2024

The Alternative Creaiton's Competitive Edge copy.jpg

"The Alternative: Creations's Competitive Edge"
Dr. Robert Carter
May 19, 2024 10:30am

The Struggles of Faith copy.jpg

"Struggles of Faith"
Justin Howe
May 5, 2024

Increasing Faith copy 2.jpg

"Increasing Faith"
Justin Howe
April 14, 2024

Get to Know Yahweh copy.jpg

"Get to Know Yahweh"
Justin Howe
May 26, 2024

Dinosaurs & Fossils copy.jpg

"Dinosaurs & Fossils: Amazing Evidence for Creation!"
Dr. Robert Carter
May 19, 2024 9:00am

Righteousness Encountered copy.jpg

"Righteousness Encountered"
Alex McKee
April 28, 2024

Early Stages of Walking with God copy.jpg

"Early Stages of Walking with God"
Justin Howe
April 7, 2024

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