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Discipleship Pathways

Do you want to grow in your faith and have a long-lasting, enduring faith? We are developing pathways to deeper discipleship at Lakeside. We are currently establishing some of the "Early Development" classes that will aid all believers with a solid foundation of faith and practice.

We desire to assist every person who wants to grow in faith wherever they find themselves on the discipleship spectrum. The journey of faith lasts a lifetime. Let's GO!!!

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Foundations Class 1:

The Bible

The group met for five Sunday or Wednesday evening sessions studying topics like Biblical Inerrancy, Biblical authority, how to read the bible, biblical canon and more. 


With over 70 signed up we started our Foundations class off strong. We are looking forward to holding this class again in the future. 

Foundations Class 2:

coming soon

Sundays - This class is currently being prepared for the Fall session.

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